Perfect Web Tools

This is a Free Online Tool to Compress JPEG Images to lowers file sizes.

60% Compression

Using this tool, you can easily compress the jpeg to 100kb. Compressing the jpeg to 100kb and downloading that image file is easy. This is free and easy to use and compresses jpeg to 100kb of any size of images you can squeeze. This is a simple and easy method to compress jpeg to 100kb; you can also compress more and download that image. You can also compress multiple photos simultaneously and compress jpeg to 100kb or as you want. Using the tool, you can compress JPEG online using the slider.

How to compress JPEG to 100kb?

  1. You must first choose a JPEG image that you want to reduce in size by up to 100kb.
  2. After choosing, all of the JPEG photos will automatically be compressed to a maximum of 100kb, or as you specify, and the download button will then appear on each of the images below.
  3. Finally, you can download the zip file or all of the compressed photos.